Increase education funding for our students.
As your state representative, I will work diligently to increase education funding. Over the past decade, the legislature has continued to reduce its portion of education funding, placing the burden on local tax payers. We saw some positive movement on increasing education funding last legislative with the passage of HB3. I will work to ensure that we not only maintain but build on those funding increases. Without adequate funding we’ll never be able to provide for the smaller class sizes and improved student-teacher ratios that are critical to a quality education.
Improve teacher pay.
We must recruit and retain the best teachers to educate our children. That starts with improving teacher pay. We made some headway this past legislative session, but we have a long way to go. We must also ensure that our retired teachers receive pensions that reflect rising costs of living. Educators have paid their fair share into the Teacher Retirement System with the promise that their wellbeing will be safeguarded. I will defend and protect the integrity of this system once elected.
High quality early childhood education.
TEA estimates that only 47% of Texas children are ready for kindergarten upon entering elementary school. If we are really serious about improving educational outcomes in this state, we have to be laser focused on high quality early childhood education. As your state representative, I will work to expand child care to more working families and will prioritize investment in child care workers, including higher wages and more training.


Sensible gun control.
Our children deserve more than “thoughts and prayers.” Our children deserve more than empty rhetoric. It is long past time that we implement sensible gun policies. The overwhelming majority of Texans agree that we need universal background checks and comprehensive red flag laws to keep guns out of the hands of those who pose a danger to themselves or others. We must also work to close the loopholes on private sales and gun shows and ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. As your representative, I will reach across to the aisle to make sure that we pass this legislation to ensure the safety and well-being of all Texans.
Stop human trafficking money and help victims.
Politicians have talked a good game on human trafficking in Texas for a decade. Yet, the problem is growing and the money keeps flowing. Let's go after the business side of human trafficking and actually invest in services for victims. Governor Abbott just vetoed a bill that would have provided protection and increased services for victims. I will bring that legislation back to floor next session.


Fix healthcare and reduce costs.
Many families are paying more while access to care continues to drop. The Texas Legislature has chosen to reject federal money and increase the cost of healthcare in Texas. Consequently, Texas has the largest uninsured population in the nation. As your state representative, I will work to pass legislation that will reduce costs while increasing access to care.
Protect women’s reproductive rights.
In 1973, the Supreme Court declared that women have a constitutional right to their reproductive rights. Over the past several decades, the legislature has worked to restrict a woman’s right to choose. I promise to protect a woman’s liberty to choose and will work to ensure the state respects the decision handed down in Roe V. Wade.


End discrimination and ensure equal protection under the law.
As your state representative, I will work tirelessly to prevent the passage of hateful and discriminatory legislation. More than a dozen anti-LGBT bills were filed last session, but thanks to the hard work of Democrats and the LGBTQ Caucus, only one of those bills passed. I look forward to joining members of the Caucus in continuing the fight for equality for all Texans.


Clean air and water are basic human rights.
Our state must work to reduce toxic emissions and meet the existing standards of the Clean Air Act. We must also expand incentives for increased use of renewable energy sources and promote the development of new jobs in the renewable energy sector. I will work to ensure adequate sources of funding are provided to sustain progress in improving our state parks system. New climate realities such as increased flooding mean we must also focus on increased planning and oversight to prevent disasters in the Houston area.


Houston is the best city in the nation because of its vibrant and diverse immigrant population.
While the federal government has continued to erode immigrant rights, I will fight to protect the basic human rights of every person living in Texas. During the past session, Republican leadership proposed spending state dollars and resources on a border wall. As your next State Representative, I will insist that these dollars go toward public education and public health initiatives, while fighting to repeal the anti-sanctuary city law passed in 2017.


The 2021 Legislative Session is going to define the political landscape of Texas for a decade.
It is imperative that we have strong leadership in the State House to advocate for unbiased, non-partisan redistricting. The next district maps should keep neighborhoods and communities together, not divide them. This also means advocating for increased support and oversight of a fair 2020 Census count. We must support our local communities and make sure that every person has representation in Austin.

Animal Rights

As your next State Representative, I will also fight to protect our four-legged constituents.
I intend to reintroduce a House companion for Senate Bill 295 which criminalizes the inhumane restraint of animals and I will bring back Representative Farrar’s legislation to create a statewide animal cruelty registry.
448 W 19TH ST #626, HOUSTON, TX 77008
448 W 19TH ST #626, HOUSTON, TX 77008